About Us

Denver’s Dirty is an online platform dedicated to showcasing both local and national artists performing in the wonderful state of Colorado. From interviews to photo galleries to concert setlists, our mission is to promote shows and introduce our fans to new music. But we don’t just cover music, we cover local sporting events, festivals, celebrity news and much more!




We are a small group (three) of avid music lovers who needed an outlet from their full-time 8-5 jobs. Denver’s Dirty was originally created by German Rodarte in 2012. What started off as an Instagram account quickly blossomed into something greater. The account showcased ¬†amazing photos from around all of Colorado, submitted by fans. A few years later, Adam Dickey and German decided it was time to expand the popular Instagram account, so the website was born. It took us awhile to decide what kind of content would appear on the site (and believe us, we’re still trying to figure it out), but we eventually came to the decision that we wanted to focus mainly on music, but still show love for the wonderful mile high city that we love. We have all put our hearts and time into this site, but we do it for you, the city, and our passion for music.


If you have any questions or would love to join our team, feel free to reach out!