Clutch at Red Rocks (Gallery & Set List)

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A few weeks ago, we interviewed Dan Maines, the bassist for Clutch, about their past experiences and their current tour. Not only did Clutch deliver an amazing performance, but they introduced a few new songs from their upcoming album, Psychic Warfare.

Set List

  1. The Mob Goes Wild
  2. Profits of Doom
  3. Earth Rocker
  4. Unto the Breach
  5. Pure Rock Fury
  6. Texan Book of the Dead
  7. Cypress Grove
  8. Gravel Road
  9. Crucial Velocity
  10. Cyborg Bette
  11. The Regulator
  12. Firebirds
  13. X-Ray Visions
  14. D.C. Sound Attack!
  15. (with Brent Hinds)
  16. A Shogun Named Marcus
  17. Electric Worry
  18. One Eye Dollar

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