Holiday Mountain @ Lost lake lounge * Updated with interview

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Local Colorado bands “Tickle Mafia” and “Falchemist” opened for Holiday Mountain Thursday Night at the Lost Lake Lounge.  After the crowd calmed down, Holiday Mountain came on stage and got the crowd really going. The majority of the people in the venue where dancing along while Holiday Mountain rocked out.

Before the show began, I had an opportunity to sit down with the band members of Holiday Mountain. Though we hung out for just under an hour, I can only share with you a small portion of that experience.

The band members come from different parts of the United State. Laura Patino (Front woman, vocals, synth), a Colorado native lived most of her early years in Lakewood, CO.  Brad Will (Electric synth, Electric bass,  vocals) comes from Grand Blanc, MI. Zander Kagle (Drums, Electric percussion) lived in Boston, MA where he met Laura and Brad who were attending Berkley College. The band is now living and is based out of Austin, TX.

What genre would you classify your music as?

Laura – Though they don’t want to put a label on it. They’re trying on the hat “Future Thug”.  It’s hard to put a label on it since they’re always pushing the envelope.

Why did you decide to start making music full time?

Brad – After his Mime career hit a wall. He decided music was the next best thing. (He was kidding about being a Mime)

Zander- “Just always been what I always thought it was”

Laura – “I’ve always been obsessed with performers”. Only time as a teenager she felt like she fit in. “Very emotionally relieving”.

Do you all have similar taste in music?

Laura – A lot of different influences, though they share a lot, they’re trying to focus and clarify on what they want to bring it to. They like simplicity and clarity.

Zander – Major Lazer and M.I.A., the whole mad decent scene. We like very produced music.

What should first time listeners check out?

Brad – Check out “Feelin’ it” second track off our new EP, “You be you, pt. 1”

Any Artist you would love to work with?

Laura – We always think about Diplo. “What would Diplo do to this?”

Brad – Going on tour with Kanye West would be perfect

Do you have a favorite Venue?

Laura- We played the very iconic Roxy Nightclub in Los Angeles, CA last summer.

Can you share a secret?

Zander – We record everything live, we don’t just hit play. Laura likes to create their costumes that they wear on stage.

What is your favorite thing to do while traveling between cities?

They’re very into pod casts (Eric Andre(went to same music school as Laura & Brad)) and a lot of Stand up’s. If Laura can’t find an article of clothing she wants on Ebay. She will take what she can get and alter it to make what she wants.  If she started her own clothing line and had to pick a large chain to be in. It would be Hot Topic.

Final thoughts

I started listening to Holiday Mountain a little over a week before the show. I had mixed feelings since it was just outside the normal genres I listen to. After listening to both of their albums I see a great future for this band. I personally really liked the song “Starlight”. I highly recommend you check them out.


A lot of their songs can be found on Sound cloud. Check out the link below!


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