Missing Arvada woman found safe after sleepwalking for 9 miles, rode bus


19-year-old Taylor Gammel, an resident of the 5600 block of Fig Court in Arvada, has been found safe after missing for hours this morning. Taylor reportedly walked over three miles to a bus stop, before jumping on a bus and riding another six miles to Westminster.

Her father called 911 at approximately 6:18 am when he found his back door wide open. Taylor has a history of sleepwalking, so a Bloodhound was brought in to track her down. The hound was able to trace her scent for three miles to a 7-Eleven store, before it went cold. A nearby citizen called the sheriff’s office and reported seeing the girl.

Just before 9 a.m., Gammel was found at her uncle’s house, six miles away from the bus stop. Investigators will be interviewing her throughout the day to see what she remembers from her journey.

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