Q&A with Atreyu’s Dan Jacobs

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By Adam Dickey

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Atreyu tour. Can you tell us about the hiatus and what it’s like adjusting to life back on the road.

The hiatus was a result of us hitting a wall in our lives and career. We just felt burnt out and wanted to step back for a bit and recharge so that we could continue in the future with our best foot forward. Getting back on the road feels more like home than ever before. After being a band for 16 years we’ve spent most of our career touring so touring is always something we will consider as our second home.

What sparked the reunion?

I had been knocking at everyone’s door about the subject periodically throughout our hiatus feeling out how everyone felt at that time about paying again. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago that everyone was finally on the same page to where we could all meet up and discuss getting back in her game.

You’ve just been confirmed for next year’s Download Fest line-up. Other than the amazing catered food and outdoors, what’s different about playing festivals compared to more intimate indoor shows? Do you enjoy playing festivals?

Festivals gives you a chance to play in front of a lot of new faces that as well as give you a chance to live the dream of playing to seas of people. Sometimes it can’t feel a little detached at the really big shows but when the crowd connects it’s always epic. Clubs are a more condensed energy so it’s a lot easier for us as the band to feed off it and go just as nuts. I feel you need to play both types of shows to truly appreciate each type of crowd.

You guys aren’t new to Colorado, but a lot has changed here since you toured last. Do you have any memorable moments in Colorado, whether its a venue, story from a show, or even food joint?

First time we every played in Boulder on our first tour ever back in 2002 we had a couple tomatoes thrown at us by a couple of nasty scene kids. I thought that was just something you only saw in movies so we were pretty entertained by it.

I read that you guys now like to tour for a few weeks, then take a break, then tour. How has that helped you as a band, whether it’s time with families, more rest, etc.?

We just more so don’t want to over tour and over saturate markets as well as have to miss our friends and families all the time. In everything in life you need balance or things won’t workout. We have found a way to have that balance so we can continue to tour for years to come and not get burnout again.

When writing “Long Live,” was there anything you did differently with your creative process?

We went into this record knowing exactly what we wanted the album to sound like so everything came together fairly easily. We recording the album in 3 sections instead of all in one shot so that definitely allowed us give more attention to each batch of songs.

As a band, what were your goals for “Long Live?”
To put our best foot forward as a band and individual musicians. Everyone just did what they are best at and the end result came out amazing.

Tell us about the new label you’ve signed with.
We signed with Spinefarm/Seek and Destroy which is under the Universal Music umbrella. It’s been amazing how much love and support then send our way. We’re really excited for our future with them.

What are your plans for the future?
Lots of touring! Long Live is still fresh so we’ll be supporting it for at least another year or so.

Anything else you would like to add?
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Atreyu kicks off their Christmas Vacation tour this Friday, December 11 at the Boulder Theatre. They’re joined by Falling in Reverse with support by From Ashes to New Tickets are still available for $27.50 or $30 the day of show. All ages show. Doors open at 6pm, show starts at approximately 7pm.

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