Q&A with From Ashes to New’s Chris Musser


The last time we caught up with you was in Colorado Springs when you opened for Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach. What’s been new since then?

Since the ‘Got Your Six’ tour, we released a video for our single “Through It All,” which you can find on YouTube and on our Facebook  page. Also, we just got done on the Didgeridoo Destruction tour with Failure Anthem, Stitched Up Heart and Like A Storm. We had a blast with them – all such good talented people. Now we are getting ready to do three shows with Atreyu and then the Christmas Vacation tour starts December 11th and will take us up to Dec 20th with Falling In Reverse, Atreyu and Assuming We Survive.

I know you probably get this question a lot, but it’s one we didn’t discuss last time we met. Who are your musical influences, both personally and as a band overall?

Personally, a few of my influences growing up were Glassjaw, Alexisonfire, 36 Crazy Fists, Alice In Chains and Sevendust. Right now I listen to so much different music. It’s hard to narrow it down but I would say Secrets, Of Mice and Men, Bring Me the Horizon, and I even go as chill as Citizen Cope and City and Colour. Overall as a band there are too many influences to name. Everything from rock, metal to rap and electronic.

Last month you premiered the video for your hit single, “Through It All.” How do you guys go about choosing your singles? Is it a group decision?

We all put in our picks for singles but in the end the label has the final say.

Your first full studio length album, “Day One,” releases on February 26, 2016. Congratulations! Having only released EPs, how does it feel to release a full-length album. What did it take to get you to that point in your career?

Thank You. It feels great to finally get this album out there, its been a long time coming. It took lots of patience, long hours of writing, and have had to sacrificed a lot in my personal life, its been hard and taken a toll on family and friendships, and even cost me a marriage, but this is what I have been working of my whole life! They say great achievement is born of great sacrifice!

You guys have gained a strong social media following. How has this helped attribute to your success?

I think that social media was one of the main contributors to our success, we have spent long hours over the past years to establish our presence and spreading the word about FATN. It’s such an easy way to reach people we normally weren’t be able to. 

You guys have been in Colorado a decent amount lately. You’re probably getting more and more familiar with our state. What has been your favorite venue, thus far? Have you visited anywhere that stuck out? 

Marquis Theatre is always cool to play and there are so many cool bars and good places to eat close by it!

Tell me about some of your failures and how rose above to get past them, whether musically or personally. Has music helped you get through anything in the past?

Oh yeah! I have spent most of my life dealing with depression and anxiety. Music has definitely helped me though some hard times. Just knowing that others are going through the same thing has really helped. Also getting to write my own music over the years gave me a great outlet to vent the issues that I’m not good at talking about.

Do you have anything else you would like to add to this interview?

I’d just like to thank all of our hard-working fans out there helping us spread From Ashes to New all around the world.  Keep requesting our new single “Through it all” on Sirius Octane (channel 37) and local radio stations and come out and see us on the Christmas Vacation tour this December.

Happy Holidays!!!  

From Ashes to New joins Atreyu and Falling in Reverse in support of their Christmas Vacation tour. The tour kicks off this Friday, December 11 at the Boulder Theatre. Tickets are still available for $27.50 or $30 the day of show. All ages show. Doors open at 6pm, show starts at approximately 7pm.

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