Snoop Dogg Launches His Own Brand of Pot

Snoops Dogg’s very own branded line of pot, Leafs By Snoop, went on sale yesterday morning at 8am.

The lineup includes 8 strains of flower and a wide variety of concentrates and edibles.

“Leafs by Snoop is truly the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world and proud to be a pioneer,” Snoop said, according to the Cannabist. “LBS is blazing a trail for the industry.”

Beyond Broadway, which operates under the name LivWell, will have officially ownership of Leafs By Snoop and will be responsible for growing the plants and manufacturing infused edibles and concentrates. A private kick-off event took place on Monday evening in Denver at John Lord’s house, the owner of LivWell. Snoop sampled his strains along with a small number of guests and media. He then performed a 30-minute DJ set.


Flower & Concentrates

Lemon Pie
Tangerine Man
Purple Bush
Cali Kush
Northern Lights
Blueberry Dream

Edibles (Dogg Treats)

Peaches N Cream
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Blueberries N Cream
Strawberries N Cream with Waffles
Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Peach Drops
Watermelon Drops
Lemon Drops
Cherry Drops

Lemon Cherry Fruit Chews
Strawberry Fruit Chews
Raspberry Fruit Chews

Peach Gummies
Cherry Gummies

Peanut Butter Gems

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